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How To Check Laptop
Last Updated 3 years ago

In order to check the current state and performance of your computer, IT would like to send you a tool to collect hardward information of your computer.

Please follow this link:

Download and extract SystemHealthChecker.7z

Then run the SystemHealthChecker file, after the checking process (see the image1 to know the interface of the complete process), a Send2IT folder will be created on your desktop screen, please send us all files in that folder to

This request is applied for computers which are provided by VGU and running Windows operating system
If your computer uses other operating system, please inform us, we will come to your office to check

Observe your computer and give us some information:
Asset code of computer (Ma tai san): see image2 and image3 to know what is "Ma tai san"
Black spot on screen if any
The damage or broken if any
Based on your information, we will check again and we will have plan to replace

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